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At Zowee Wow, we love eyewear. And we think fashion eyewear should be fun. We love those magic moments when a new frame just “works” and a customer’s face lights up in a special way. If you’re reading this, we’re guessing you understand just what we mean!

As an eyewear distributor, our mission is to help our retailers differentiate themselves in the marketplace with fun, unique brands that are fashionable, wearable, of the best quality, and affordable. Brands that make people say “Wow!” Or maybe even “Zowee Wow!” Brands that make buyers smile when they walk out that door.

We understand that when you need a frame for a customer, it needs to be available. If you have issues or concerns, you need someone you can call. And you need that “someone” to help you when you do call. You need the service to be prompt, courteous, and professional. We get that. And we work hard to provide service we can be proud of and you can rely on.

So give us a try. It’ll be fun!

Founded in 2011. Seattle, Washington

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